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What is Listing Mirror and who should use it?

Learn what the Listing Mirror platform is, and the ways that it can help you Sell More, Work Less™

What is Listing Mirror?

Listing Mirror helps you create and sell your products on multiple online marketplaces, giving you a single platform to manage those listings and prevent overselling.

Listing Mirror helps sellers perform the following jobs:

☑️ Create Listings on Multiple Channels
Only enter a piece of data one time, and reuse that data when creating listings on other channels.

☑️ Manage Inventory Quantity and Prevent Overselling
Have a single source of inventory levels of each product. As you sell on one channel, all channels are kept in sync.

☑️ Bulk Update Listings
Update listing and pricing data on a single platform in bulk, using our web interface or spreadsheets.

☑️ Route and Process Multi-Channel Orders
Provide a single view into all of your orders. Route orders to a fulfillment network or your personal warehouse. Notify the marketplaces of the tracking number after they ship.

☑️ Gain Business Insight
Use our forecasting, low stock alerts, and other reports to make decisions in a single place. 

Listing Mirror integrations with many of the top tools you already use, including shipping label software, fulfillment providers, and warehouse management systems. To see a list of all of our partners, take a look at our integrations.

Who should use Listing Mirror?

Listing Mirror is for brands and retailers that sell online, and either already use multiple channels or are looking to expand their sales channels to sell more.

Most Listing Mirror customers share the following attributes:

  • Selling on US marketplaces, or international variations of US marketplaces.
  • Fulfill orders from their personal warehouse, FBA, or other third-party warehouses, such as Flowspace or Deliverr.
  • Sell physical products.
  • Looking for a single platform to manage all of their selling channels.

Does this sound like you? If so, look at our pricing, or schedule a call, live chat, or email today!