Wayfair Limitations

Learn what limitations come with adding your Wayfair integration to Reflector

Limitations for listing details

Create Listings

Creating listings involves several steps. First, you submit your creation request, which then gets checked for any errors. If there are errors, you'll need to correct them. Finally, your listing goes into a pending state for approval by Wayfair before going live.

Category-Specific Fields

Wayfair has a simple category system with just one level. Each category has its required fields that you need to fill out on the Category tab.

When you import listings from Wayfair, they don't include category-specific fields, so you might have to enter this information again.

Update Listings

Once your listing has been submitted to Wayfair, you can make limited changes, such as updating your bullet points and description.

Delete Listings

Reflector is unable to delete listings from Wayfair. You can delete them from Reflector, but they'll remain on Wayfair.


Brands need to be set up in Wayfair first. After they're created there, they'll be sent over to Reflector for you to use. Learn more (coming soon)

Limitations for inventory sync

There's no current limitations for syncing inventory to Wayfair.

Limitations for order fulfillment

Order Status

Reflector can only bring in orders that you haven't acknowledged yet. If the orders have been processed, completed, or dealt with in any other way, they won't be imported. Acknowledged orders will appear as Pending in Reflector, and you'll need to accept the order on the orders page.

Cancelling Orders

Cancelling orders is currently unsupported by Reflector.


CastleGate is Wayfair's own fulfillment center. It's unsupported by Reflector.