Troubleshoot the Walmart error Code: EXT_DATA

Troubleshoot the Walmart listing error - Code: EXT_DATA

A Walmart listing will occasionally have the following error:
Code: EXT_DATA_ERROR_59496967556906 Field: auditGenDate2024-02-13T00:08:10.267Z Description: Offer node template mapping can not be processed because audit generation date is older than the latest update in the Limo system 
Walmart hasn't provided much information about the error, but in most cases it doesn't affect the listing on
Usually the error will go away after 48 hours, but here are some things you can try to speed that up:
  • Go to the Market Listing page and click Save Changes.
  • Go to the Market Listing page and make sure a Shipping Template has been selected.
We believe it's safe to ignore the error for now, but also recommend getting confirmation by checking your listing status on Walmart's website to see if there are any warnings.
If there's no warning, you're good to go. If there is, please let us know, and we'll get you a FEED ID to pass along to the Walmart support team.