Use the Product Add spreadsheet

Learn how to use the Product Add spreadsheet to add new products in Listing Mirror

Your Product Edit page acts as the main place for storing common information about your product, like the title, description, item sizes, barcodes, pictures, and more.

You can access this spreadsheet on the Import / Export page.

Add new simple products to your catalog

In columns A to AC, you can input your product data. This includes basic details that apply to all variations, such as the title, description, bullet points, and more. See example spreadsheet

Variation Name 1 & 2

Your Variation Name will match the Variation Value you choose. You can pick options like scent, material, size, style, count, color, flavor, pattern, edition, and capacity for your variation value. These options are found in columns AM to AV.

Add new products with variations to your catalog

In columns AD to CC, you can input your product variation data. This includes specific information unique to each variation, such as the SKU, barcode, price, images, and more. See example spreadsheet

Product fields should be completed only for the first product in a variation set. For any additional variations, leave the Product fields empty and only fill in the Product Variation fields.

Before you upload your spreadsheet

  1. Delete all formulas from the cells. Use Special Paste to keep the data from the formulas.
  2. Check that you haven't changed any of the column headers.
  3. Ensure the title, description, SKU, and price are entered for every product you're adding.
  4. Make sure you haven't made any changes to the Lookup or Action tab.