Update your product data using Amazon listing data

Learn how to update your product data with information from the Amazon listing in Listing Mirror

Amazon sellers don't always have the ability to update listing details on Amazon. If the brand owner updates the listing details, and you want to bring those into Listing Mirror, you can use our Update From Amazon feature.

This is not an automatic feature. You'll need to initiate the request manually. We do this to prevent data loss, as you may not want to automatically bring in changes.

Update your product data using Amazon data

  1. From the Manage Listings page, search for a product, and click on the product title.
  2. Using the Actions dropdown, click Update From Amazon.
  3. Select the Amazon integration and data you'd like to bring in, and click Update.

Allow up to 10 minutes for this process to complete. If you initiate multiple requests, it may take longer to process the request. To check if the process is still working, follow the same steps as above. If Update From Amazon is grayed out, it's still in progress.

If your product is part of a variation, ALL variations will be updated.