Understand how product data is managed

Learn how to edit your product data across multiple markets at once using Listing Mirror

The product page provides a centralized location for managing your listing details. You can easily edit fields that are uniform across different markets, including titles, descriptions, images, prices, and more. By connecting your listings to the same product catalog, we can ensure that your inventory stays synchronized across all marketplaces.

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Manage your listing details

The required fields are title, SKU, and price. Other fields will fill in the gaps that other marketplaces require, and make sure your customers have detailed information. To edit any field, click on the text box, and input the data.

Fields In Sync

Below each field, you'll see a green or yellow box, indicating which markets are in sync. Clicking the box will provide you with one of three options, depending on the marketplace.

  • In Sync - In sync with the marketplace listing.
  • Out of Sync - Out of sync with the marketplace listing.
  • Excluded - Field does not exist on the marketplace.

If something is out of sync, you can select the checkbox next to the market, followed by Sync Selected. This will remove the market listing data and replace it with product data.

Description & Bullet Points

In cases where a market does not support bullet points and your description is in sync with the product, we will display your bullet points in the description. This feature exists for BigCommerce, Etsy, eBay, Shopify, Magento, Overstock, Google Shopping, and Wish.


Some markets require a product identifier. By default, we show ASIN, UPC, and MPN. To add other types, click Add, and select an option. We support ASIN, UPC, GTIN, EAN, ISBN, and MPN.


The product page will display categories based on Amazon, even if you don't use Amazon. You can assign these to your products, and we'll use your Category Mapping to assign marketplace categories. Learn more


Regardless of which region you're syncing to, the price on the product page will always be in USD. If the price field is in sync with the product, we will convert the price from USD to the region of choice using global market data.

Manage your listing details in bulk

Update From Amazon

If you're an Amazon-first seller, you may want to update your listing details based on the Amazon listing data. Regardless of ASIN ownership, you can pull the description, images, bullet points, and title from Amazon to update these fields. Learn more

  1. From the Manage Listings page, click on a product title.
  2. On the Actions menu, click Update From Amazon.
  3. Select the fields you want to update, and click Update.

This feature is not automatic, and needs to be manually triggered. If there are variations, each variation will need an ASIN in the Identifiers field.


  1. From the menu bar, click Reports, followed by Import / Export.
  2. Using the dropdown, select Product Edit, followed by Download Template.
  3. Open the sheet and input all the desired information.
  4. Save changes, head back to Import / Export, and click Upload Template.

You can review the full documentation on our knowledge base. Learn more

Create your market listings

When the data you input is satisfactory, it's time to create the listings on the market. On the right side, in the Market Listings box, click the plus button for each marketplace you'd like to add listings to. If the market requires a category, we'll ask you to select one, and put any addition data the market requires.

Market Listing Status

  • Check Mark: Your listing is live and in sync.
  • Flame: Your listing is incomplete, or has an error.
  • Warning (merge): Your product variations are not grouped on the marketplace, and exist as multiple variations
  • Plus: No market listing exists.
  • Plus (x / y created): You've created a certain number out of the total possible variations able to be created.
  • Information: Your listing is pending creation after adding an offer.

Clicking Merge will delete your marketplace listings, and create them under the product variation.

Need to view the status of your bulk template upload? Review the bulk upload history page.

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