Troubleshoot Walmart SYSTEM_PROBLEM errors

Understand SYSTEM PROBLEM errors on Walmart listings

Walmart listing errors come directly from Walmart. The wording of these errors is notoriously confusing, but here is some info that should help. 
  1. SYSTEM_PROBLEM, Trust and Safety Violation - the product you're listing is prohibited or requires pre-approval. For additional details, see Walmart's article: Prohibited Products Policy 
  2. SYSTEM_PROBLEM, Business - Content Policy - similar to Trust and Safety violations, the product requires pre-approval or the listing doesn't meet Walmart's Product Listing Copy Standards. For additional details, see Walmart's Item Setup Content Policies 
  3. SYSTEM_PROBLEM, Compliance - Health & Wellness (or another category) - the product you're listing is in a category that requires pre-approval. The Prohibited Products Policy also includes additional details on prohibited products by category.  
  4. WARNING: SYSTEM_PROBLEM, Business - Brand Management - the brand of the product you're listing is restricted. Item Setup Content Policies also includes details related to brand restrictions. 

For all the above, Walmart recommends contacting Partner support with a list of products or brands you'd like to sell, or categories you'd like to sell in.