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Troubleshoot spreadsheet uploads failing or timing out

Learn what to do if the spreadsheet you upload to Reflector fails or times out

When you upload a spreadsheet, Reflector will validate the cells you've changed. If it's unable to validate the changes you made, it'll either fail or time out. 

My spreadsheet uploaded, but some have errors

Reflector was able to validate your file, but some cells weren't updated. You can check your Notification Center to download a copy of the spreadsheet you uploaded. In the Messages column, you can see what failed.

You can fix what wasn't updated, and upload the spreadsheet again. Uploading the spreadsheet with the Message column will upload normally.

My spreadsheet says that it failed to upload

Reflector was unable to start validating your spreadsheet. You can review the reason it failed to upload in your Notification Center.

The most common causes are:

  • Formulas were left in the cells. Use special paste to remove them.
  • Header columns were adjusted or removed.

My spreadsheet says that it timed out

Reflector was able to start validating your spreadsheet, but it failed somewhere along the way. Some or even all of your data may have been updated. To avoid this happening, be sure to follow these best practices:

  • Do not adjust the columns.
  • Do not adjust the headers.
  • Do not adjust the ordering of SKUs where variations are involved.
  • Do not fill in parent cells where the sheet is gray.
  • Do not change the file type.

To troubleshoot, it's suggested uploading with a smaller amount of data. This will make it easier to identify and troubleshoot any problems that may be occurring with your spreadsheet.