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Step 2: Set up your SKU-based system in Listing Mirror

Join marketplace listings to track quantities accurately and prevent overselling

Why join listings?

If you're using different SKUs for the same product on different marketplaces, you'll need to join them under the same product. This keeps your listing information and inventory levels the same on all your marketplaces. 

For example, your inventory includes a widget with a quantity of 15. The widget is listed on both Amazon and eBay but with different SKUs:

eBay SKU: 12345

Because Listing Mirror is a SKU-based system, these 2 different SKUs will be tracked as 2 different products. To track your quantities accurately and prevent overselling, the SKUs for these marketplace listings need to be joined.

Join listings

  1. Go to Inventory > Manage Inventory

  2. Select the listings you'd like to join: 

  3. Click Join:
  4. Select the SKU you'd like to keep and click Join Items:

Now that the marketplace SKUs are joined, when the item is sold, the quantity on both Amazon and eBay will be reduced.


Need to merge listings instead? By merging listings, you'll be taking 2 simple listings (listings without variations) and creating a single listing with a variation. More info