Use the Quantity Update spreadsheet

Learn how to use the Quantity Update spreadsheet to update inventory in your business warehouse

The Update Quantity spreadsheet enables users to easily update the quantity of items in their warehouse. These items are typically filled by the user's business and do not include any third-party logistics (3PL) services like Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA), Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS), Deliverr, or similar providers. Since 3PLs cannot be modified, they will not be visible in the spreadsheet.

If you require an inventory report, you have the option to conveniently download one directly from the inventory page. Learn more (coming soon)

You can access this spreadsheet on the Import / Export page.

If you need to update your inventory levels

To update your inventory, start by finding your inventory sources in Column C. Look for the SKU you want to change under the right column and set it to the amount you need.

Users can adjust how many items they have by typing in a number with either a plus or minus sign. For instance, if you start with 100 items, you can type “25-” to show you’re taking away 25. This will leave you with 75 items.


Depending on your spreadsheet software, you may need to put an apostrophe before the number. As an example, to remove five, you'd put '5-.

If you need to update your inventory levels and location

You can also update the location of your inventory by accessing the Quantity and Location Update spreadsheet. Alongside each inventory source, you will find a location cell where you can specify where the item is located.

Changing Row 1 & 2 will cause the upload to fail, or cause data loss.

Changing the SKU in Column A will cause the upload to fail, or cause data loss.

The title in Column B is for clarity only. Changing or removing the title won't result in data changes.