When you have multiple listings under the same ASIN

Learn how to view, manage, and strategically use duplicate Amazon listings on Listing Mirror

Duplicate Amazon listings are defined as two or more SKUs assigned to the same ASIN. Amazon allows sellers to sell a Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) and Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), which differ in SKU, but share an ASIN. While this may be the most common situation, it's possible to have any number of SKUs assigned to one ASIN.

Our platform is built on the concept that each product is assigned one Listing Mirror SKU, regardless of how many Market SKUs that product may have. This is done to make sure your inventory is tracked properly, and nothing over or undersells.

Listing Mirror defines Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) or Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN) as Merchant Fulfilled (MF).

Clicking Delete From Amazon will permanently delete the listing on Amazon, regardless of your integration settings.

Location of your duplicate listings

  1. From the menu bar, click Listings, followed by an Amazon channel.
  2. At the top left, click Amazon Actions, followed by Manage Duplicate Listings

You can use the search feature to search by SKUASIN, or Title.

Product and SKU shown on the Manage Listings page

When you have a duplicate SKU, we'll only display the first imported SKU on the Manage Listings page. If you need to change which SKU is shown, delete the Amazon market listing on the Manage Listings page, then, wait for it to import.

If you have two or more MF SKUs assigned to one ASIN

If you have two or more MF SKUs assigned to the same ASIN, we'll make the first imported SKU the primary. This can be changed on the Manage Duplicate Listings page by clicking Make FBM Primary. Your primary SKU will be the product we send quantity to, while the non-primary SKUs will be handled based on your Amazon integration settings.

Duplicate FBM Strategy

In the Advanced tab for your Amazon integration settings, you'll find your strategy options.

  1. Ignore

    We won't change the quantity for the non-primary FBM SKU. The SKUs won't share quantity, which can lead to overselling. Only use this option if your intent is to have the quantity be different between the SKUs. You'll need to manage the non-primary FBM SKU quantity on your Amazon seller account.

  2. Sync Zero to Duplicates

    We will only sync quantity to the primary FBM SKU, not both. This is to prevent overselling. Any non-primary FBM SKUs will be set to zero quantity.

  3. Copy to Duplicates

    We will take the quantity from the primary FBM SKU, and send it to the non-primary FBM SKUs.

If you have two or more FBA SKUs assigned to one ASIN

If you have duplicate FBA SKUs, your quantity will be displayed as the sum of all duplicates. When filling orders, we'll fill them from lowest to highest quantity based on the SKU. If a SKU had 5 quantity, and another has 10, we'll pull from the SKU with 5 until it sold out.