Inventory History

Learn how to review inventory changes in Listing Mirror

Inventory history allows you to see how much inventory you have for a given inventory source, and what caused it to change. We'll continue to track all inventory changes as long as a product is in Listing Mirror. View page

If you delete a product from Listing Mirror, the inventory history will be removed with it.

Understanding the inventory history page

Below is an example of a user's inventory history page. Bold numbers indicate inventory updates, after it's been updated.


  • Time: Indicates when the quantity was updated.
  • FBA, MF, etc.: Indicates which Inventory Source had its quantity updated.
  • Reason: Indicates who or what updated the quantity.
  • Details: Indicates who or what caused the inventory to update.


  • Activation: Indicates a listing has been imported into Listing Mirror.
  • API / FTP Sync: Indicates your API or FTP has updated inventory.
  • Bulk Upload: Indicates a user has updated inventory using a Bulk Edit Template.
  • Listing Edit: Indicates a user has updated inventory using the interface.
  • Order: Indicates an order has been placed.
  • X Qty Sync: Indicates we've received an inventory update from a respective 3PL. X represents your 3PL.