How to use the Walmart Add Offer spreadsheet

Learn how to use the Walmart Add Offer spreadsheet to send a request to Walmart to join already existing listings

Sellers on Walmart can choose to match existing listings by submitting an offer request. Walmart will review these requests and match them to a corresponding item if the barcode on your product matches a listing already on Walmart.

If you need to send a request to add offers

  1. From the menu bar, click Reports, followed by Import / Export.
  2. Using the dropdown, select Walmart Add Offer and Walmart integration, followed by Download Template.
  3. Open the sheet and input all the required information. Save changes,
  4. On the Import / Export page, click Upload Template.

All cells are required. Walmart accepts UPC, GTIN, ISBN, or EAN as valid product identifier types.


Please be patient while we match your listing. If the barcode on your listings does not match a listing on Walmart, we will create a new listing for you. Additionally, we will generate a product in your product catalog that utilizes the Walmart data for creating new listings.