How to use the Product Edit spreadsheet

Learn how to use the Product Edit spreadsheet to edit your product data in Listing Mirror

The Product Edit spreadsheet enables you to modify the data associated with your Product Catalog. Your Product Catalog serves as the central repository for common product information, including the title, description, item dimensions, barcodes, images, and more. Learn more

You can access this spreadsheet on the Import / Export page.

If you need to adjust your product data

In columns A to AD, you can edit your product data. This data consists of common information that can be utilized for all variations, including the title, description, bullet points, and more. See example spreadsheet

Gray cells indicate that a variation is associated with the product. It is important not to modify any gray cells.

The columns under the Product Fields are typically self-explanatory, but let's take a moment to discuss a couple of them.

Listing ID (Column A & AE)

It is crucial to note that this is an internal field that should not be altered under any circumstances. Modifying this column can lead to issues with proper spreadsheet uploading and potentially result in data loss.

Variation Name (Column N & O) & Variation Sorting (Column AB & AC)

Variation Name refers to the specific name that you can assign to each variation of your product. You are provided with a predefined set of options to choose from, and you have the flexibility to select up to two names for each variation. 

Variation Sorting is an internal field, and can be ignored.

If you need to adjust your product variation data

In columns AE to CE, you can edit your product variation data. This data consists of product-specific information that's unique to that variation, including the SKU, barcode, price, images and more. See example spreadsheet

Apply changes to out-of-sync market listings

Once you have finished modifying your data or if you wish to synchronize a field with the marketplace, you can utilize the Actions sheet to apply the changes to specific fields. If the field is already synchronized with the desired marketplaces, you can skip this step.

To update the market listings with the product data, simply toggle the value from F (false) to T (true). By doing so, you will seamlessly synchronize the field across all marketplaces with the Product Catalog.

Performing this action will overwrite the marketplace-specific information you have on ALL marketplaces. It will be replaced with your product information.