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How to use the Market Listing Core Edit spreadsheet

Learn how to use the Market Listing Core Edit spreadsheet to edit your market listing details in Listing Mirror

The Market Listing Core Edit spreadsheet allows users to easily modify the specific market listing details for any desired marketplace. Although our Product Catalog covers the standard fields, there might be a need to edit marketplace-specific details like a Shopify handle or an eBay shipping profile. Additionally, it is also possible to edit a common field if marketplace-specific data, such as a unique description or title, needs to be utilized.

You can access this spreadsheet on the Import / Export page.

If you need to edit your marketplace listing data

Because each marketplace is unique, the number of columns and header information will vary each time. This spreadsheet allows you to modify anything you find on the Listing tab of a market listing. See example spreadsheet (eBay)

A header column in yellow means the field is required. A cell in blue means the field is in sync with the Product Catalog.

Gray cells indicate that a variation is associated with the product. It is important not to modify any gray cells.

If you need to review your marketplace errors

The Market Listing Core Edit spreadsheet also functions as a tool to identify any errors associated with your marketplace listings and provides an opportunity to resolve these issues. The last six columns of the spreadsheet display all errors, warnings, and incomplete messages that may be present in a listing. Armed with this information, you can make the necessary modifications to your marketplace listing data to address and resolve any errors.