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New Listing Mirror Account FAQs

I’m ready to get started. Why do I need to schedule a call with a product specialist?

In short, we value your time. Listing Mirror is a great fit for established Amazon Sellers and eCommerce entrepreneurs who are ready to expand their business to new marketplaces.

But not all online sellers are ready to scale their business to the level that’s possible with Listing Mirror. We’d rather you invest your time and energy in a software solution that’s right for you.

We promise the call will be quick (usually around 15 min) and worth your time.


I’ve connected my marketplaces. Will Listing Mirror make changes to my listings?

No. Your account is not syncing with any marketplaces yet. In other words, your product listings have been imported into Listing Mirror, but Listing Mirror isn’t sending any information back to the marketplaces.

A Start Syncing button will be added to your account after meeting with your onboarding specialist. After that, you’re welcome to start live syncing whenever you’re ready.


I scheduled a meeting with my onboarding specialist. What do I need to do ahead of time?

Your onboarding specialist will want to use this time to learn about your business and priorities for using Listing Mirror, and then use what they've learned to set you up for success.

By taking the time to get familiar with Listing Mirror and adjusting the settings to align with your business ahead of time, you should be able to start live syncing and adding listings to new marketplaces by the end of your meeting.

Check out our Welcome video for a step-by-step guide to preparing for your onboarding meeting.