Get help with Listing Mirror

Get answers to technical questions while using Listing Mirror.

Listing Mirror users can access how-to-guides and troubleshooting steps in the Help Center 

Navigate the Help Center by browsing categories or searching by keyword. If you can't find the answer, submit a support request with the Listing Mirror technical support team.

Open a Support Request

  1. In your Listing Mirror account, click Help.
  2. Select Support Request from the top menu.
  3. Enter your information > select a Category/Topic: 2024-04-22_15-29-13
  4. Follow the tips below.

When submitting a support request

  • Be specific: if a support request reads "I keep getting an error when I add a SKU," technical support specialists can't investigate the issue until they have the details of what you're seeing on your end. 
  • Include details: Provide technical support specialists with info like:
    • SKU
    • Order number
    • Marketplace
    • Copy and paste the error message 
    • Copy and paste the most recent notification (click the bell icon)
    • Web browser and current version
  • Add visual aids: It's extremely helpful to include screenshots and videos in your support request. 

🎞️ To record a screenshare video, we recommend using Loom as a free and user-friendly option.