Update your product details

Learn how to manage your product details on the Product Edit page in Listing Mirror

The Product Edit page holds all the information about your product, like its title, description, images, and more. When you import or create a market listing, a Product Edit page will be created for you.

Using HTML in your descriptions

In the description box, you can make text bold or italic. You can also make numbered lists or bullet points. If you don't like how it looks, you can remove all the formatting, or change the code yourself in the code editor.

The technical support we're able to offer is limited. Using HTML should not be attempted if not already familiar with HTML. 

Creating bullet points to unsupported marketplaces

If a marketplace doesn't use bullet points, they'll be automatically added to the description on the market listing.

Adding images and assigning variation images

You can add images from a URL, or directly from your computer. If you use variations, you can assign images to specific products.

Set your product weight based on variation information

If your variations have different shipping weights, you can set changing weights based on the details of each variation.

Apply your product details to your market listings

This will replace the current details on the market listing and replace it with what's on the Product Edit page.

  1. On the Product Edit page, click Apply
  2. Select the marketplaces you'd like to send your details to.
  3. Click Apply.

Apply will overwrite any custom details you have on your market listing.

Save & Apply product details after making an edit

Once you change your product details, you can choose either Save or Save & Apply. Save will keep your changes but won't update your market listings. Save & Apply will not only save your changes but also update the fields you're working on in the market listing.

Save & Apply will overwrite any custom details you have on your market listing.