Delete a Product Edit page

Learn how to delete an existing Product Edit page for your products you no longer need in Listing Mirror

If you stop selling an item, you might want to remove it from your catalog to prevent any mix-ups.

Delete one or more products on the Manage Listings page

  1. From the Manage Listings page, select a group of SKUs.
  2. Using the Actions dropdown, select Delete.
  3. Click Select All Channels, followed by Confirm.

This will delete all associated Market Listings.

 Delete one or more products using a spreadsheet

  1. From the menu bar, click Reports, followed by Import / Export.
  2. Using the dropdown, select Create & Delete, followed by Download Template.
  3. Open the sheet (.xlsx) and input X in the Remove Entirely column for the desired SKUs.
  4. Save the sheet, head back to the Import / Export, and click Upload Template.

You can review the full documentation on our knowledge base. Learn more

This will delete all associated Market Listings.