Add a product to your inventory

Learn how to create a new product page for your product's data in Listing Mirror

The Product Edit page holds all the information about your product, like its title, description, images, and more.

Create an individual product from scratch

  1. Go to Listings > Manage Listings and click Add New Product: 2024-04-22_15-04-53
  2. Fill out the fields and click Confirm.

You'll be directed to the new product edit page for you to enter the rest of the details. Learn more

Create multiple products in bulk

  1. Go to ReportsImport / Export.
  2. Using the template dropdown, select Product Add Download Template.
  3. Open the spreadsheet (.xlsx), and enter all the desired information.
  4. Save changes, head back to Import / Export, and click Upload Template.

You can review the full documentation on our knowledge base. Learn more