If you need to create or delete listings

Learn how to create and delete your listings once your product data has been filled out on Listing Mirror

It's important to note that we currently only support automatic import for Amazon and WooCommerce listings. Any listings from other markets will need to be manually created on our platform. We are unable to manage any listings created outside our platform.

Create listings on a specific marketplace

If you're new to our platform and need to list data from another channel, our listing guide can help. Creating a market listing with our various methods requires data from your Product Catalog, which can be filled out by you when creating a new product or during the initial import process.

Individual Listings

  1. From the Manage Listings page, search for a desired SKU.
  2. On the right, click the Add to Marketplace (+) button to create a listing


If a listing is a variation, we'll create all children associated with the parent.

Delete listings on a specific marketplace

Individual Listings (Variations Only)

  1. From the Manage Listings page, search for a desired SKU.
  2. On the right, click the edit button for a listing.
  3. Click the Variations tab.
  4. Click Delete for any desired SKUs.


Create or delete listings on a specific marketplace

Multiple Listings

This method will create or delete all variations associated with the product.
  1. From the Manage Listings page, select a group of SKUs.
  2. Using the Actions dropdown, select Create or Delete.
  3. Select your desired marketplaces, followed by Confirm.

Select All Channels when deleting will delete the entire product.


Multiple Listings Using Spreadsheets

This is the only method that supports creating and deleting individual marketplace variations from a group.

  1. From the menu bar, click Reports, followed by Import / Export.
  2. Using the dropdown, select Create & Delete, followed by Download Template.
  3. Once downloaded, open the sheet and input C or D in the marketplace column, and SKU row for the desired product.
  4. Save the sheet, head back to the Import / Export, and click Upload Template.

You can review the full documentation on our knowledge base. Learn more

Need to view the status of your bulk upload? Review your bulk upload history page.

You now know how to create new listings, and new products. Moving on, let's teach you how to list your existing listings onto new markets. Continued learning

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