Convert Walmart listings to allow edits

Learn how to convert imported Walmart listings to allow for new edits

Walmart listings that are imported come with only the title and your main image. These listings can't be edited until you acknowledge that data loss might happen.

Should I convert my Walmart listings?

If you've invested a lot of effort or money into creating your Walmart listings and want to avoid losing this data, it's advised not to turn your Walmart listing into an editable listing. You can still change your listings directly on Walmart. Reflector will continue to sync your inventory with Walmart.

If your Walmart listings don't have many images or much data, and you prefer to use the data already on Reflector for your Walmart listings, you can make your listings editable. This move will also allow you to keep a central collection of your data on Reflector.

Convert your Walmart listings

Individual Listings

  1. On the Manage Listings page, search for a product.
  2. Click the Walmart Market Listing.
  3. In the listing status section, click Convert To Editable.
  4. Click the Agree checkbox, followed by Convert.

Multiple Listings

  1. From the menu bar, click Listings, followed by your Walmart marketplace.
  2. Using the search bar, search for the listings.
  3. Click the box for each listing you'd like to convert.
  4. Using the Actions dropdown, click Convert to Editable.

Once you convert the listing, the Product data from the Product Edit page will be used to complete any missing details. You might need to add some information that isn't there, so be sure to check the listing after converting it.