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Control merchant fulfilled orders

Learn how to view, manage, and edit orders made using your business's warehouse inventory on Listing Mirror

No matter what tool you use to fill your orders, we'll import them to view. This ensures your quantity is properly reflected, and gives you a place to see all your orders in one spot.

Cancel a merchant fulfilled order

When cancelling orders, it's import to understand where your quantity will go. An order cancelled on Listing Mirror will give you the option to add the quantity back to your inventory or not.

  1. From the menu bar, click Orders, followed by Show All Orders.
  2. Search for an order number and click it.
  3. Click the Actions dropdown, followed by Cancel Order On Market.

This feature is available for Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Google, Shopify, and Newegg. Any marketplace not listed will need to be cancelled on the market. Cancelling an order on the market will return quantity.

If you use ShipStation, you'll need to ensure they refund your shipping label. Learn more

Refund a merchant fulfilled order

Walmart is the only market that supports this feature.

  1. From the menu bar, click Orders, followed by Show Returns.
  2. Locate the appropriate return, and click Details.
  3. Click Issue Refund.

The item refunded will be dealt with based on your Walmart settings. You can also use Listing Mirror to override those settings using the Override Return Options checkbox.

Use fulfillment actions on the orders page

When you receive a merchant fulfilled order, we provide you with quick options to fulfilling this via third-party logistics. If the third-party logistics is unable to fill the other, we'll let you know why in your notification center.

  1. From the menu bar, click Orders, followed by Show All Orders.
  2. Search for an order.
  3. Under the Fulfillment Options column, click any third-party logistics icon.

These options can also be found under the Order Details page, using the Actions dropdown.

Definitions for each order status

On the orders page, we'll display the status of your orders.

  • Unpaid: The order has not been paid for.
  • Pending: The order has not been accepted, or the market is still processing the order.
  • Accepted: The order has been accepted, committing you to fulfillment.
  • Cancelled: The order has been cancelled by you, or the customer.
  • Complete: The order has been filled, and tracking information has been provided to the market.

If your fulfillment service isn't connected with Listing Mirror, your merchant fulfilled orders will remain Accepted indefinitely. You'll need to connect your fulfillment service to Listing Mirror, or manually input tracking details.

Wrapping up orders, let's talk about third-party orders, such as FBA, WFS, and other 3PLs. Continued learning

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