Control your merchant fulfilled inventory

Learn how to view, manage, and edit inventory for your businesses' warehouse on Listing Mirror

Once you've started syncing, you'll be expected to update your levels appropriately on our platform. We provide a wide array of tools, including an inventory overview page, bulk update spreadsheets, API or FTP connections, and more.

Manage and add inventory sources

We assign everyone a default merchant fulfilled inventory source when you sign up. When we import your listings, we also import your inventory levels, and assign them to this source.

We'll keep the merchant fulfilled inventory of the first integration added. If you add integrations in the future, we won't overwrite your imported inventory on that market.

Before you start syncing, it's important you verify your merchant fulfilled quantity is correct.

Add Inventory Source

If you have more than one warehouse, you'll want to set up multiple inventory sources.

  1. From the menu bar, click Inventory, followed by Show Inventory Sources.
  2. Click Add New Inventory Source.
  3. Fill out all required details.

Update merchant fulfilled inventory

Individual Listings

  1. From the menu bar, click Inventory, followed by Manage Inventory.
  2. Search for the desired SKU.
  3. In the Quantity field, input the number that reflects your inventory levels.

Multiple Listings

  1. From the menu bar, click Listings, followed by Bulk Edit Templates.
  2. Using the dropdown, select Quantity Update, followed by Download Template.
  3. Open the sheet and input appropriate data based on the SKU.
  4. Save changes, head back to Bulk Edit Templates, and click Upload Template.
You can review the full documentation on our knowledge base. Learn more (coming soon)

Inventory affected by sales or cancelled orders

Received Orders

After your customer pays for your product, and the order is imported into Listing Mirror, we'll subtract the quantity purchased. Once subtracted, we'll inform other connected markets of the change, properly reflecting the new inventory level.

Cancelled Orders

When an order is cancelled, what happens to the quantity will depend on where the order is cancelled.

  • Listing Mirror: We'll provide you the option to return the quantity or not.
  • The Market: Regardless if done by you, or the customer, the quantity will be returned.
  • Past 14 Days: Regardless of location, the quantity will not be returned.

Need to view the status of your bulk template upload? Review the bulk upload history page.

Wrapping up inventory, let's talk about third-party inventory, such as FBA, WFS, and other 3PLs. Continued learning

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