Add a brand to your Wayfair listings

Learn how to add brands to your Wayfair account to be used within Reflector for your Wayfair listings

If you want to add a new brand, or you would like to associate an existing one to your account, you can use the new Supplier Brand Management tool that was designed as part of the New Product Creation (NPC).

Add a brand in your Wayfair account

  1. Navigate to Add New Products > Quick Upload.
  2. Click Update Brand List under the Download Template.
  3. To add a new brand, click on Add New Brand and Associate or Associate With An Existing Brand.
  4. If you're adding a new brand, fill in all the requested fields, followed by Submit.
  5. Click Submit

The newly added brands will be displayed under the My Brands section. Here, you can also delete the brand if you no longer use it. Please allow up to an hour for them to be sent to Reflector.